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Saving Arcadia
by Heather Schumaker

This is the story of a small band of determined townspeople and how far they went to save beloved land and endangered species from the grip of a powerful corporation.  This is a narrative with roots as deep as the trees the community is trying to save, something set in motion before the author was even born.  And yet, Heather Schumaker gives a human face to the changing nature of land conservation in the twenty-first century.  Written in a captivating narrative style, the book serves as a case study for landscape level preservation and a record of the challenges of integrating economic livelihoods into conservation.  Saving Arcadia demonstrates the triumph of community and what it means to "preserve" land over time.  
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The Royal Frontenac Hotel, Frankfort, Michigan
by Andrew Bolander

A brief, pictorial history of the iconic Frankfort summer hotel which opened January 1, 1902 and burned January 12, 1912.  
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Aux Becs Scies:  Frankfort Harbor 1860-1910
by Andrew Bolander

The story of the early Frankfort Harbor is about lumber and the improvements made to facilitate the sale of harvested timber from the Betsie River Watershed.  The stillness of today's Betsie Bay contrasts with its noisy history - the din of sawmills, the yells of generations of working  men and the whistles of car ferries.  The harbor was a catalyst for the development of Benzie County was a whole.
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White Pine Michigan's Gold
by Bill & Adriann Woodward

According to many sources, the total value of the White Pine of Michigan exceeded that of the gold mined in California.  As the discovery of gold brought thousands of miners to California, the White Pine lured thousands of lumbermen to Northern Michigan in the mid 1800's.  
In both cases, new towns would spring up around the men who worked the claims or mills, and the businesses that followed and served to support them.  As the gold or timber played out, some of these towns would die while others would find new reasons to continue and flourish.
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The Comedy of Crystal Lake
by Stacy Leroy Daniels

The "Tragedy"/"Comedy" is a well-known story of the lowering of Crystal Lake in Benzie County Michigan.
Archibald Jones founded the Benzie County River Improvement Company in 1873 intending to improve water-lots on Crystal Lake, remove obstructions and construct slack-water canals between Crystal Lake and Lake Michigan, and build a steamboat to facilitate shipping of settlers and goods to and from the interior of Benzie County to the nearby port of Frankfort.  The dramatic lowering of a very large inland lake by 20 feet and the creation of a 21-mile perimeter of sandy beach insured the future of Crystal Lake as a prime recreational area.  
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Shared Moments
A large "coffee table" book with photographs of Benzie area history, including lumbering, railroads, carferries, tourism, agriculture, and friendly people, from its inception through the 1950s.  The photos are enhanced with wonderful quotes gathered from the works of local authors and respected writers and historians.
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Waiting for the Morning Train
by Bruce Catton

In this memoir, Civil War scholar, Pulitzer Prize winner, and Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient, Bruce Catton, with affection and humor, tells about growing up in Benzonia, Michigan, in the early 1900s.  This is a must read for anyone wanting to learn about life in small-town Michigan at the turn of the twentieth century. 
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Daylight in the Swamp:  An oral history of logging in Northwest Michigan
by William and Edith Overlease

The authors began to interview the men and women involved with the logging industry in 1965, and recorded the stories of direct participants from the 1890s to 1916, though some accounts go back to the 1880s.  The transcriptions retain the dialect and vocabulary of the old lumberjacks and workers.  This work is an unparalleled primary source for anyone interested in the lumbering history of Northwest Michigan.
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Benzie County Trail Guide:  20 trails for hiking, biking, cross country skiing and snowshoeing
by Jim Stamm

A quick reference of trails in Benzie County used primarily for hiking, but they can also be used for mountain biking, and most can be used for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.  Estimated trail lengths, hiking times, road distances and difficulty are provided, along with a map which shows their locations in Benzie County.
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The Search for the Westmoreland
by Ross Richardson

On December 7, 1854, the Propeller Westmoreland foundered in deep water near Sleeping Bear Dune, killing seventeen of her crew and passengers.  Seventeen crew and passengers lived, however, and landed in lifeboats on the shore of Platte Bay.  Soon after the passenger steamer's sinking, rumors began circulating of $10,000 in gold coins in her safe and 280 barrels of whiskey in her hold.  For the next 150 years the Westmoreland was one of the most sought after shipwrecks in all the Great Lakes, eluding salvagers, wreckhunters and divers alike.  The Westmoreland was discovered July 7, 2010 by diver/historian Ross Richardson of Lake Ann, Michigan. 
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Lost Benzie County
by Dr. Louis Yock for the Benzie Area Historical Society  

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After the Civil War in the 1860s, veterans came to Benzie County and settled the farmlands, lumber companies began to harvest the timber, and railroads soon crisscrossed the landscape.  Villages with churches and schools such as Nessen City and Aral came to life, mill owners and workers and their families built company towns like Carter Siding, Averytown, and Watervale.  When the lumber died out, these towns virtually disappeared, and the largest towns, such as Thompsonville and Honor, were reduced in size and population.  But by then, the Ann Arbor and Pere Marquette railroads were bringing tourists to the county, and entrepreneurs turned mill town,s farmland, and lakefront into Worden's and Thompsons' Resorts on Platte Lake, and Robinson's and Pautz's Resorts on Crystal Lake.  Today, they exist only in local lore, along with the mill towns and lumber camps that preceded them and the railroads, ships, and ferries that once transported Benzie County's people and merchandise.  Using archival photographs from the Benzie Area Historical Museum, Lost Benzie County tells the distinctive story of the county's past, its towns, resorts, people, and businesses.  
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Crystal Lake
by Dr. Louis Yock for the Benzie Area Historical Society  

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About 9 miles long and 2 miles wide, Crystal Lake has been a recreational center in northwest Michigan for over 100 years.  However, resorts and vacations were not the intention of Benzonia's first settlers, who arrived to found a religious colony and college.  When Crystal Lake was accidentally lowered in 1873, cottages, camps, and resorts sprang up along with the beaches.  Using archival photographs from the Benzie Area Historical Museum, Crystal Lake tells the distinctive story of the lake's past, its towns, resorts, people, and businesses.   
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